Organic Cereal Can Protect Your New Child From Dangerous Pesticides

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Organic Cereal Can Protect Your New Child From Dangerous Pesticides

28 May 2019
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After you have a baby, you want to make sure that you get them the best foods possible. However, you may not realize that your child may be exposed to problematic chemicals in many of their foods, such as pesticides. These chemicals may cause some issues but you can avoid the problem with high-quality organic baby cereals and baby foods.

Yes, Pesticides Are In Baby Cereals

Many types of non-organic baby cereals are exposed to high levels of pesticides. This fact has been confirmed multiple times by many different studies. The exact level of pesticide and the type of chemicals used varied wildly.

One of the most commonly-found is glyphosate, a pesticide used by Monsanto. High levels of this chemical was found in cereals with cinnamon spices and maple brown sugar flavors as well as peaches and creams. These levels were much higher than in organic products which had no pesticides.

The scary thing about this chemical is that some scientists have stated that it "could" be a probable carcinogen, though no affirmative studies have yet proven this fact. And while the exposure levels are far below accepted safety levels, there's no reason you should tolerate any levels if pesticide-free options are available.

Organic Cereals Limit This Problem

If you purchase organic baby cereals for your child, you decrease the potential of dangerous pesticide exposure. Many types of cereals are never sprayed with pesticides or only experience very minimal or incidental exposure. This benefit is huge if your child is still quite young.

For example, studies have found that switching to organic cereal and other types of baby foods can remove the dangerous pesticide chemicals from a baby's body in a few days. As a result, the child will be healthier and happier and less likely to experience adverse reactions.

These benefits extend well into the child's later development years, as their more delicate and sensitive brains and nervous systems may be impacted by pesticides early in their life. As the child continues to eat cereals with pesticide, this damage could spread and lead health issues.

So if you want your child to be as healthy as possible and free of pesticides, you should switch them to organic cereals and foods as soon as possible. On the same note, you should probably switch to organic foods yourself. Even if you have already fully developed as a person, the lack of damaging pesticides could ensure that you are healthy for years to come.