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I’m a huge fan of health foods. On cold, dreary mornings, I absolutely adore making a bowl of hot, gluten-free oatmeal. When the weather is warmer, I love to munch on gluten-free corn or rice cereal for breakfast. Sometimes, I eat my crunchy cereal with almond milk or lactose free cow’s milk. Like my sweet husband, I am addicted to rich, dark chocolate. Besides being delicious, this healthy, decadent food is packed with filling fiber. It contains health benefiting antioxidants too. On this blog, I hope you will discover how much fun consuming health foods on a regular basis can be. Enjoy!


4 Benefits Of Using Tupelo Honey As A Baking Substitute

28 October 2022
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There are many substitutes today that can be used in baking, such as aquafaba for eggs or coconut milk for dairy products. If you aren't keen on using sugar in your baking, you may be looking at other alternative sweeteners. Tupelo honey can be a good sweetener substitute since it has a nice light flavor. Here are four benefits of using tupelo honey as a baking substitute. You Can Save on Baking Ingredients Read More …