What To Know About Buying High-Quality Honey

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What To Know About Buying High-Quality Honey

28 September 2021
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Some of nature's most complex wonders are also the sweetest. In no other case is this more true than tupelo honey. Pollinators like bees are responsible for pollinating as much as 95% of the wild plant life on the planet, and this hard work creates the delicious byproduct of honey. The more you learn about these creatures, the different types of honey they produce, and the health and wellness benefits of this honey, the more you'll want to partake. Let the tips below help you out so that you can start searching for quality honey. 

What exactly is tupelo honey and what kinds of characteristics does it have?

Tupelo honey refers to a type of honey that comes from pollinating tupelo trees. These trees are found in certain warm climates and require the assistance of bees just like so many other types of plant life. Honey bees epitomize hard work, as they often only live about 6 weeks, but in that time, they work tirelessly without much rest and generally travel upward of 500 miles throughout the course of their work. The golden end result is quality honey that has amazing taste and aromatic qualities that many people enjoy. Tupelo honey specifically is more of an amber color with a green tint. Honey connoisseurs will appreciate the complexity and variety in aroma notes due to the flowers of the tupelo tree, in addition to plenty of unique flavors. 

What are the health and wellness benefits of honey?

Eating tupelo honey or any other honey for that matter can bring about plenty of health and wellness perks. Honey happens to be one of the highest quality and most nutrient-dense foods that you can eat. Some of the best health benefits of honey include antibacterial properties, assistance in boosting your immune system, improved fertility, and a host of vitamins and minerals. It's a high-calorie treat that will satiate your appetite, while also providing you quality nutrients in every drop.

How can you find some quality honey?

The best thing you can do is purchase honey from people and companies that know it and love it. This means skip the generic grocery store brand honey that is often made from high fructose corn syrup and sugar, rather than pure honey. Check out farmer's markets and beekeeper associations, and purchase local or regional honey whenever possible. 

Consider the points in this article so that you can begin looking for some excellent jars of honey.