How To Afford To Make Your Own Juice

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How To Afford To Make Your Own Juice

10 April 2017
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There are many health benefits that come from pressing fruits and vegetables for your own custom juice blend right at home. It is really easy to do but what seems to hold a lot of people back is the fear that it will cost them too much money. Take a moment to review the following tips so you can see how to easily afford to make your own cold pressed juices at home.

Shop For Discounted Produce

Not all grocery stores will do this, but many will. As some of their produce starts to look not-so-fresh, they will pull it from the main display case and wrap it up together in bundles. The bundles may be small or large, but they are generally sold for a fraction of the price that you would normally have to spend. The produce is not yet too old to eat. It simply does not have the marketable appeal that gets them the high prices from customers. If you find a nearby farmers market, you might want to check there too to see if they also have any discounted produce. They will slash the prices and you will simply need to make use of this fruit right away. A great thing to do is to put it through your juicer to make some incredible juice creations.

Use Scraps From Home

After you are done using the portions of the carrots, heads of lettuce, or fruit for your recipes, you can use the rest for juicing. Just make sure that you are removing any hard cores that could become lodged in the juicer blades. Even when you are one eating some fruit, you can easily slice off thin portions where you took bites from. You can then cut off the remaining pieces of fruit, no matter how small, and put them aside in a sealed plastic container in the refrigerator. Once you have collected enough scraps, you can throw them in the juicer and make a unique concoction. If it turns out that you are not a fan of the juice flavor that you have created, you will not have to feel bad about throwing it out, as you did not have to spend any extra money to make it.

As you can see, you really can start making your own fresh juices right in your own kitchen. You do not have to spend an arm and a leg to do it either. For more information, contact companies like Living Juice.