Can Fermented Food Fix Your Stomach Problems?

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Can Fermented Food Fix Your Stomach Problems?

19 December 2019
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Fermented food is becoming more popular than ever before for a wide variety of reasons, including its health benefits. If you're currently struggling with stomach problems, whether it's gas, diarrhea, constipation, or something else, it's possible that eating or drinking fermented food could be helpful to you. Here's what you need to know about this unusual stuff and its benefits for the stomach.

Easy to Digest

The first thing to understand is that fermented food is extremely easy for your body to digest, meaning that it's unlikely to cause any problems on its own, even if you normally have stomach troubles.

The reason for this is that during the fermentation process, the food starts to break down on its own. Think of it as like a pre-digestion process. This makes it less difficult for your own stomach to break it down, so it should go down easily.

Full of Probiotics

Probiotics, if you don't know, are essentially healthy bacteria. A normal stomach is full of them, and these bacteria help in the digestion process by chewing away at whatever you eat before the stomach can even get started breaking it down with stomach acid.

The good news is that fermented food is full of probiotics. It's typically recommended that you eat or drink fermented food if you want to increase your probiotic intake. These bacteria are present in the food for the same reason as the easy digestion - healthy bacteria reproduce as the food is breaking down, and the breaking down of the food is increased by the healthy bacteria chewing away at it. These bacteria will adapt to your stomach's environment after you eat fermented food, and may bring you some benefits in the process.

What to Expect

Fermented food can offer miraculous benefits, but it does take some time to get there. You should plan on integrating fermented food into your daily life in order to reap the full benefits.

Over time, you should begin to see a change in how your body tolerates non-fermented food. You may have less gas, or your stools may be closer to a normal consistency rather than being either too loose or too hard.

Over time, your gut flora will stabilize and you won't have to necessarily keep eating fermented food if you don't want to. But keep in mind that it'll always be there to get you back to a normal place should your symptoms start to return. Now you just need to find fermented beet juice for sale.