Are You Wanting To Eat Healthier Foods?

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I’m a huge fan of health foods. On cold, dreary mornings, I absolutely adore making a bowl of hot, gluten-free oatmeal. When the weather is warmer, I love to munch on gluten-free corn or rice cereal for breakfast. Sometimes, I eat my crunchy cereal with almond milk or lactose free cow’s milk. Like my sweet husband, I am addicted to rich, dark chocolate. Besides being delicious, this healthy, decadent food is packed with filling fiber. It contains health benefiting antioxidants too. On this blog, I hope you will discover how much fun consuming health foods on a regular basis can be. Enjoy!


Are You Wanting To Eat Healthier Foods?

11 October 2018
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Have you realized lately that in the evenings you are feeling bloated and just plain uncomfortable? Maybe you are lacking energy, even after getting a full eight hours of sleep and even after taking a cat nap, or even a long nap. You may have been reading articles in your current magazines that address getting healthier by eating the right foods. If that's the case, from buying black fermented garlic paste to making incredible smoothies, here are some ideas that might help your body to feel invigorated and healthy. 

Try New Things: You've probably heard all of your adult life that onions and garlic are excellent foods for your health. However, have you even ever heard of black fermented garlic paste? This might be a food that is new to you, and you may not even know how to use it. It might be best for you to buy one tube of the black garlic paste and then do some experimenting with it. For example, if you are making spaghetti sauce, consider adding black garlic paste to your ingredients instead of the regular garlic you have used in the past. Think of using it as an appetizer too. For example, try spreading your favorite spreadable cheese onto a plain cracker, then top it with a small tomato slice and then finish it off with a bit of the fermented garlic paste. Have you ever eaten the Mexican candy ate? If not, consider buying it in the Mexican section of your grocery store and add a bit of the black garlic paste to a small slice of the candy. The combination of sweet and tart might be a real treat.

Make Healthy Smoothies: Instead of your regular bacon, eggs, and toast breakfast, consider starting the day with a fruit and vegetable smoothie that contains many of the elements your body needs to make you feel great and full of energy. Think of buying a blender that will even liquify whole apples, oranges, berries, and bananas with the peel left on them. Of course, you'll need to add a liquid to help the ingredients to be drinkable. Instead of a juice that is full of carbs, consider just using water for the base of your smoothie. Consider, too, adding different ingredients to the smoothie to make it even healthier. For example, give it a tart and sweet taste by combining things like berries, green pepper, black garlic paste, and honey or stevia.