Herbal Teas That Should Be Considered For Your Health Needs

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Herbal Teas That Should Be Considered For Your Health Needs

12 April 2017
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Have you been experiencing a large amount of inflammation in your body and don't want to take drugs to get rid of it? You can actually get rid of inflammation by consuming herbs, which can be done in the form of tea. There are numerous types of herbal teas that are good for reducing inflammation in the body.

Depending on the type of herbal tea that you opt for, there will also be other great benefits that you can take advantage of for your health. Take a look at this article for suggestions in regards to which types of herbal teas should be consider for reducing inflammation.

1. Fight Cold Symptoms with Peppermint

Peppermint is one of the best herbs to use when you are suffering from inflammation that stems from a cold. The great thing about peppermint is that it not only has health benefits, but it has a great taste as well. Consuming peppermint tea is ideal for getting rid of headaches due to the anti-bacterial properties that it has. The herb can also reduce high fevers by promoting sweat to cool your body down. If you are dealing with trapped mucous, drinking peppermint tea can bring it out of your body.

2. Build Your Immune System with Goldenseal

Goldenseal is another herb that can be consumed in the form of tea for reducing inflammation. You will also find that the herb is great for building up your immune system. You must keep in mind that it will become harder for your body to get inflamed if your immune system is strong. There is a chemical called berberine in the herb that can make your white blood cells more active. The increased activity from white blood cells will lead to viruses, bacteria, and other harmful things that can affect your immune system being destroyed.

3. Get More Rest by Opting for Ginger

One of the ways to decrease inflammation is by getting plenty of rest each day. If you find that it is hard to rest, you might want to try drinking some ginger tea. The tea has a slight sedative effect that can help you rest easier. Ginger tea is also ideal when it comes to decreasing inflammation in the throat, such as if you have been coughing a lot. The tea is good for reducing inflammation if your mucous membranes as well, which is great for fighting symptoms of the flu.

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